7 things that makes you realize you are getting older.

Lately I have been realizing, I am getting old.

Is it bad to grow old? In my opinion, NO but lately I have just been more mindful of time. Though TIME is relative, it brings the ominous feeling that if I don’t use it wisely, I am going to waste it and have all the regrets in the entire world. Or worst, I am going to justify my failures or lack of attempts to go after something I desire.

Lord, is something wrong with me, is this normal?

Here are a few Signs.

1. While watching sports, you realize you know mostly the Coaches and Analysts. When it comes to the players, a few looks familiar but the majority of them you know already retired.

2. The change in Music. Music is the sound track to life and when I am listening to what is currently on the radio I sometimes cringe. Also, when I am at wedding for someone who is getting married in their mid 20s, I realize I sit down when they are playing mumbling rap while people in the 20s, are having a grand ol’ time.

3. Still using the word, “grand ol time.”

4. You stop caring what people think. Of course somethings may offend you, but on whole, you feel more confident as you are more comfortable in your skin.

5. Eye Cream. The moment I felt like I was getting old. I started using eye cream and lots of it. I’m not quite sure why that was my go to…LOL. You start to care more about skin regimen.

6. Your taste begins to change. Whether it’s pertaining to friends, people, food, music…etc.

7. You sometimes realize it’s hard making new genuine friends. Though you get a long with a lot of people. You begin to realize, though you make new friends, you cherish the old friendships.

Overall, treat life like wine, you get better though you change in time.