What a Fit Model eats in a Day

So, what’s for Breakfast?

Sometimes, your guess is good as mine. One of the most inconsistent things in my life is what I eat. Yet, my job is a Fit Model. I am suppose to maintain my measurements… interesting task to accomplish with this inconsistent eating habit.

Some days I have everything planned out like Mary Poppins. Sometimes (the next day), I am scrambling to catch the train to get to work on time and I didn’t eat anything for breakfast.

I remembered hearing it somewhere that Jennifer Aniston ate the same lunch for 10years. Two things popped in my mind, is that’s that reason Brad Pitt left her…is she too monotonous. Not justifying a man’s decision, it’s just my thought. And the other thought was maybe she should have left long time ago but held onto something because she was use to it.

But anyhow, back to my breakfast.

I start of my day by drinking hot water. I sip it as if it’s tea. If I remembered to buy lemons, it would be lemon hot water.


one of the superbreakfast, is oatmeal. Yea, that word has been coined by me.

Oatmeal when done correctly satiates your appetite and leaves you feeling full for hours. Add fruits, flaxseed, and use honey instead of sugar when preparing it.

(don’t feed honey to babies)

Yesterday my oatmeal was done in a rush and it ended up in the garbage. umm. I didn’t have enough almond milk in the fridge and then I tried to add protein power to it to get all my nutrients and protein at once.

This can be done…I just didn’t do it correctly. ‘eh’

The key to eating consistently is to SHOP for groceries consistently*


Green ain’t nothing but color. But, sometimes it doesn’t give me that warm morning breakfast feeling. When I choose to have smoothies. I tend to use coconut water, fruits and Kale, Spinach, Lemon, ginger and protein power.

The lemon and ginger mask the protein powder shake taste and gives a refreshing taste.

Sometimes I am still hungry after the shake. It’s a great way to get nutrients and by the time I arrive to work, I’ll eat some fruits, such as banana, mango, etc water... until lunch time.


In this age where eating disorders are rampant. This option is never the greatest option. This blog is not to justify eating, “nothing,” for breakfast. It is simply stating what I eat in a day and some of my mornings are not always strategically planned.

Usually I arrive to work at 10am and after my arrival, and I am feeling hungry, I go across the street for something healthy…fruits, yogurts, granola, etc. In the past a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese or a cinnamon bagel with bacon and egg would be my go to.

However, I am currently a vegetarian (4 months in) and I am looking for healthier options.


My Lunch


Yes I took time preparing it and it looked more delicious in person.

At work, while everyone eat out of containers, I usually put my food onto a plate.

1. I spend most of my time at work and I am not going to spend most of my time eating out of plastic containers… (side eye)..

2. When your food looks appealing and taste scrumptious…life is good.

In my plate I have boiled plantain, steam spinach, seasoned brown rice, and beyond burger meat with sauté onions. :)))))). The rest of the meat is hiding under the steam spinach. It’s not actual meat. Everything about it is vegetarian but it doesn’t taste like it.

Overall I usually have brown rice AND veggies+ vege-meat and vegetables and a handful of fries -OR- mashed potatoes and curried cauliflower, avocado, cabbage etc.

When it’s time for lunch….It’s time for LUNCH.

If I have a craving for fries, I get a small fries but I am trying to eat healthier. Fries aren’t the issue, I’m just trying to avoid excess oil.

Snack time

Most of the time I snack on fruits, almonds with chocolate. I started buying the 90% cocoa chocolate. I eat one or two squares of the entire chocolate bar.

Does it taste good….’eh’ at times but I’m getting use to it.

Once in while I would buy the TINY container of breyers ice cream and break up the chocolate in it.

Overall if you are going to eat chocolate, start training your taste buds.

Most of the name brand “chocolates,” are not chocolate at all just sugar and fats.

For me its being health conscious and not weight conscious.


Sometimes I am feeling hungry other times I am not.. Once in a blew, I eat cereal.

For dinner, I would eat pasta with sauté onions, vegan cheese and a veggie pattie.

Some days, I would walk home and have a craving for pizza and grab a slice.

As a Fit Model I am not a type A personality where everything has to be planned out or measured or put together nicely.

That would be great at times but my most planned meals for the day I would say is my lunch. I put more effort and care into what I eat. It not only saves me money but it somewhat compensates for missing a hearty breakfast.

After finishing this blog, umm…I realized I should be more consistent. :)

Be mindful to make sure you get in your vitamins and minerals and stay hydrated.