Nike wins….almost every time

JUST DOing It.

Do I have a preference for certain name brands, not necessarily. I am more concerned with quality. But many failed to know the difference. They simply equate name brand with quality. For example if you decide to buy a leather bag, go and buy one that has good quality. However, we tend to gravitate toward a brand thinking it’s good quality because it’s such and such brand. Knowingly that name of the brand comes with a hefty price.

Anyhow, I find watching people consume to be quite hilarious and so damaging at the same time as if material things substitute for the emotional, spiritual or self worth/value. I barely watch television but when I do, I find commercials very interesting. The concept that a firm is paid millions to sell a product to an individual and to the impressionable minds of children; yet we go into the stores and purchase what’s advertised as if it is by our own choice that we are buying or leaning towards purchasing a certain branded product. The mere fact that many drink wines and eat strawberry covered chocolates on a regular or that you dip you cookies in milk is because at one point it was highly advertised and still is... But lets move on to Nike…..the supposedly controversial ad.

The thing that captivates my mind is how Nike commercials attempts and sometimes succeeds as the medium by which life and products meet, it is not simply selling a product as many do, but that are selling a lifestyle/humanity. The commercial intertwines with our everyday lives and aims to captivate our hearts and our spirit. Many people are simply trying to generate dollars and that's where they fail. Nike has been known to endorse controversial figure such as John McAvoy (high profiled armed robber turned triathlete) and the hashtag take a stand even if it mean losing everything in which shows the face of Colin Kaepernick. This is marketing that surpasses many brands.

Nike is in a phase of marketing that has more to do with life than generating dollars…though generating dollars is still a concern and it may or not be the sole factor. But, as they are backing Kaepernick, they themselves are making a stand even if they might lost some customers. However, their gains may surpasses their loss. They will gain loyalty and trust from a generation who desires more from the company they are buying from. Unlike many, they see that Kaepernick’s kneeling was for social injustice and had nothing to do with disrespecting the flag. Note: when has kneeling been a form of disrespect….take a moment to think about that. wait, let it sink in….

In addition, many are protesting the fact that Nike is endorsing an athlete…. Let that sink in as well. Will that change the cause or the revolution… probably not…that’s for another blog.

Let’s continue…

Many brands whether or not you like them, such as lululemon, chicfila etc. They are more concerned with creating quality and a better life by engaging in every day conversation and making a impact in this realm we live in and oh by the way, sell stuff too. Instead of trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents, how about do something greater and see how your company can transform lives, whether or not they are customers.

So many companies go on trying to change yet are expecting transformation. What do I mean? They go through several CEO and change positions. Changes occurs but transformation is no where in sight. Some people might say, how so? Think about it, we change from a child to an adult yet many have not transformed. They have simply become grown children and are living a reactive life impacted by the past. In a nutshell they are “Adults” but bruised children. In reference to companies, they have changed positions but carrying on in the same mindset.

Transform the mind be empowered by a cause greater than money and you will see the effect of within the company. It doesn’t mean you throw business model out the window, you just start living and working for something greater than your self and the almighty dollar.