valentines day

I cho-cho-choose Me..

Be mine!

The thought of someone putting everything aside to adore you with their time or with gifts seems to be people’s ultimate desire/wish.

So, when it comes to a point when you are tired of kissing frogs and cuddling with empty shells i.e. having someone around but the relationship is empty- emotionally…

What then?

Do you continue to wait around for the “ONE” to come around, continue settling for scraps or do you start to create your own joy and happiness.

What does your joy and happiness looks like when you are not in a relationship with someone else? People tend to forget they are in a relationship with themselves.

Being single as with many things comes with it ups and downs.

Ups, you are single you can roam the world. Downside, you can roam the world but you don’t want to do it by yourself. Also, those that are wedded and in sitationship…not really a clear relationship, they have their concerns as well. Many times people want to eat their cake and have it too and share.

At the end of the day, are you loving yourself and understanding your self worth. It’s not about selfishness or vanity/conceit. Many times is just contentment. It’s wanting the person in your life, not a parasitic leech in need of a relationship or someone in your life.

Do you enjoy being around you?

As I am embracing my singleness though I desire to be in a relationship, do I have options, of course. But, I am choosing to hangout with friends and have a great time while being dressed up on this day.

It took a long time for me to be content with being single because people are always wondering, “why are you single?" Singleness is not a disease, not a block you have to get over and a relationship is not the prize after overcoming “it”. Singleness is just you learning and discovering who you are and that which YOU, desire out of life.

I thank God for being with me in my singleness and it took me years to just be and be still. In addition, there are so many unhealthy relationships I could have been involved in. And on the flip side there are some many healthy ones I could have tainted because I didn’t make the time to discover who I am in Christ and heal from past issues and move forward in a stronger manner to build the life I Desire.

On a side note: The best part about this day is….chocolates and other things are on SALE tomorrow.

So, for the lone sole reading this, smile your time will arrive in due time. Discover yourself in the midst of it all. Try not to get consumed with lovey dovey movies and don’t forget if you are still missing that something. Ask God to fill those empty areas of your life and if flowers is your thing, send yourself some.